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My Grandfather recently offered to sign over the title to my first vehicular love...his '84 F250 SC LB 4x4 6.9 with a 4sp manual transmission. He bought this truck new back in 84' or 85', drove it directly to the local Western dealer, and had a plow installed, which, for the most part, he only used to plow his farm driveway.

The truck spent it's entire life as the farm truck, so while there isn't a straight body panel on it, it only has 146,000mi and I have done the majority of maintenance on it over the past 10 years.

Anyway, It has been down for about 9mo. After looking it over, I found that the adapter plate between the engine and tranny had broken where the starter bolts in, so in order to better assess the situation, we pull started the truck. Even after sitting for such a long time, it fired right up. Unfortunately, the shop was correct. There was a big section of head gasket blown out of the back drivers side cylinder (which bothers me a little, because that was the cylinder that had cavitated on an '89 7.3 I bought years ago).

All that said, I'm going to pull this engine out soon to make the needed repairs.
I'm not looking to pour a bunch of money into this engine as I want to keep it basically stock, so my plan is to install all new gaskets/seals (including the oil cooler), install ARP studs, maybe a new clutch set, and update the glow plug controller.
I will check all the valves/seats and pre-chambers for cracks, install new valve seals, freeze plugs, etc...but is there anything else I'm forgetting about? Any common issues or inexpensive modifications I should take care of while the engine is out?
What are the best head gaskets to use? Best GP controller upgrade?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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