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Help, hard and no starting after sitting.

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So ive been having trouble with my 2003, if i let it sit over night and start it the next morning its fine, but if i wake up late and it sits for 12 hours or so its very hard to start, i havent been home in a while and it has sat longer and my dad could NOT get it to start at all, has one of the new CPSs in it. once it starts fairly rough idle lots of blue smoke, if i hold it cranking some whitish smoke comes out. havent trying actually pulling chip but does the same thing in stock position. not sure where else to start.. temperature doesnt seem to have any bearing.
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thanks guys those sound easy to have the lil bro check, wish i was home, ive got 3 votes for GPR, will check the resevoir too.

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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