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Just signed up today. Well, actually I signed up months ago under another name but it was never activated and I never got a response when emailing the site. :blah:

Back in August I came across a deal for a 2003 F-250 I just couldn't pass up. So I became the owner of a dreaded 6.0L! The truck is an extended cab shortbed 4x4 XLT.
I knew what I was getting in to so last month I had ordered a good deal of parts from Bulletproof Diesel. Went with one of their EGR coolers, a new oil cooler, head gaskets, ARP head studs and all the miscellaneous crap they thought I would need.
Well, Monday night I'm pretty sure the stock EGR cooler let go as the truck was pumping out smoke and had straight coolant coming out of the exhaust.
Yesterday the guy that works for me(own a transmission shop) and myself pulled the cab off. Then a friend with more diesel experience than me came down and we tore down the engine. A little overwhelming at first but it went smooth.
The heads are going out to get looked at and I think I am going to send my injectors down to Jess at Warren to rebuild and turn in to 175cc's.
Hopefully I can get it back on the road in the next week or 2 as I also bought a 8' Boss plow for it and I know the snow is gonna come sooner or later.

I am on many other forums under the name SVT F15O.

Take care, Mat

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