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Hey guys,

So my dad has a '11 F-350 and last year he took it to a shop to wire up a heater and two fans (for the dogs) and fog lights for the rear for backing the boat in the water when its dark.

Well one of the fog lights burned out i guess and i looked underneath and saw the wiring and it looks like a monkey did it. It looks like they took trailer cable wiring? and ran it from underneath the dash (which looks to be connected to a block of wiring underneath the steering wheel) all the way underneath the truck and up through the tailgate into the canopy. To me this seems completely wrong, i assume that some of the wires must connect to the upfitter switches.

Would i be incorrect in thinking that i should get a 10 or so gauge power wire with a smaller relay wire connecting to the upfitter switches and a certain size fuse and then run it back to the back and then splice to fans and heater?

Thanks for the help, i can take pictures if needed to clarify anything
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