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Head studs, When?

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I talked to Bean last week. I am trying to get an idea of others experience as well. As I understand it around 450-480hp is where head studs are needed. I am going to limit my turbo to under 40psi for competition and 33-35psi the rest of the time to help make it last, it is Beans D66.

When I do put in head studs, can I do it with the engine in the truck? Or do I have to pull the engine or cab?

When the head gasket blows, is there any other damage that usually occures? What was your carnage? Or was it just the head gasket. I am trying to prepare myself for the next thing.

Keep Strokin',
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Thats what I'm thinking also. Lowering the motor has got to give ya at least 2 inches. Ben
ive never heard of this. Is this what you take a head bolt out and then replace a stud/nut one of a time ? Then do the rest one of a time until all done?

is this ok to do?
Ya thats what thay do and it seems to work just fine.
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