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Hauling RV's for Hire

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Has anyone done this?

I know freddyfast9 and I have talked about it and he's given me some good info.

I might have some freedom from my current job coming up, and wouldn't mind seeing the country and making a few bucks with my truck.

Any idea, tips, is it feasable with today's fuel prices, what about RV sales, aren't they dropping off? Anyone know how busy you can stay right now?
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Ah, sucks you are not better friends with him.

He does this right now?
It's my understanding you run under their authority, not yours. What you need is a DOT physical, annual truck inspection, CDL, and 500K insurance.
You are a contractor and the company for which you work provides the DOT authority.
Chris, I'll send you my number.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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