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Hauling RV's for Hire

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Has anyone done this?

I know freddyfast9 and I have talked about it and he's given me some good info.

I might have some freedom from my current job coming up, and wouldn't mind seeing the country and making a few bucks with my truck.

Any idea, tips, is it feasable with today's fuel prices, what about RV sales, aren't they dropping off? Anyone know how busy you can stay right now?
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Even if you lease on you still need a DOT number, MHIC number and bobtail insurance.

When you get into the RV's, companies do some sketchy stuff with insurance and DOT requirements. Mainly because they can get away with it because they look private. Private RV's and trailers arent subject to the same rules as a commercial truck, and the only way the DOT man could tell the difference is by looking at the registration.

On a side note, why the hell can grandpa run his 26k+ RV with air brakes down the road with a class C liscense but I need a class A to drag farm tractors with a pickup?
here in nc i have to have weighted tag to pull my atv trailer, but i dont need one to pull the camper. as long as it has a crapper in it, in the state of nc it becomes considered an rv and does not count against the weight rating of the tag on the truck.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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