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Hi guys,

I have a 2011 F250 with factory NAV. I installed a coastal tech lockpick FIM yesterday. The lockpick works. I can watch DVD's while driving as well as do NAV input. The problem I'm having is the volume. I have to turn it to max volume to get even medium sound. So when I'm on the highway and start going over rough paving you can barely hear the movie you're watching. I tried two different DVDs and had the same issue. If I go back to listening to just the radio the volume levels work just fine.

Has anyone else had this issue?

I called coastal tech and spoke with their tech support guy named Carlos and he said it has nothing to do with the lockpick and is and issue with the head unit, but as I said the volume works just fine on CDs, IPOD, radio, etc. Just not movies.

Thanks in advance for any advice and help.
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