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A few other sites ive been on have a gun topic so i figued we needed one here. What kinda guns you pole smoken ******** have? Post pictures if ya got'em.

Here's what i have:

Armalite m15a4 flattop ar15 with: Bushnell elite 3-9x40 scope, trigger work, bi pod, 4 pos collapsible stock and will shoot 3/4" 5 shot [email protected] 100yds.

Custom put together ar15 with a Wilson preban upper receiver, rock river lower, 4 pos collapsible stock, trigger work, lots of 30rnd mags and a holo site scope

Savage 25/06 with a 26" stainless fluted bull barrel, trigger work, Bushnell 6-18 scope, bi pod and will shoot 1/2" 5 shot [email protected] 100yds.

Glock model 23 .40 with trigger work and lots of leo mags:gun:

Benelli m1 super 90 12ga shotgun- no accesories needed:D

Marlin .22 mag- Bushnell scope... its my cat gun LOL

Ruger .22 pistol with 8" target barrel- fun little time killer!

Mossberg pump 12ga camo turkey gun

Last but not least: Sears Roebuck 12ga bolt action, dunno if its worth anything, but it was grandpas and i'll keep it forever:rockwoot:

I'll see if i cant get a few pics taken sometime.
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Let me start by saying I love guns more than I like my truck. Below are a few I shoot the most.

Bushmaster XM-15 with A2 upper

ASA side charge handle, 20" match upper(.75 with 10rounds at 200m)

Rem 700BDL 30-06, bausch & lomb 3-9

Savage 110 .243, sharp shooter trigger, bausch & lomb 6-18

Colt 1991-A1, full custom built(by me)

Ruger 10/22, full custom built(by me), Pentax 4-12, .55" at 100yards with 10 rounds

Mauser 98, .243 , 26"- .920 Shilen barrel, Jard trigger, laminated wood varmint stock with detachable magazine, .253" at 100yards with 5 rounds. Custom built by me for my fathers 65th B-day.

This one is my Baby: $7300 worth of prairie dog killing power....
22-250 Ackley improved, Pac-Nor barrel, Hart trigger, McMillan A2 stock, US Optics 3.8-22 day & night scope. .15" with 5 rounds at 100yards. .255" at 200yards

2-M1 Garands. One Winchester. One Springfield. Both are number matching. "the greatest battle implement ever created"

Many others to boot. I don't want the list to get too long. I love guns. I have my belt buckles custom made by my buddies uncle out of real shells. I have more reloading equipment than most commercial reloaders. I love guns. I spent 5 years sponsored by Remington in small bore shooting and 2 years as a sponsored shooter in NorCal NRA bullseye. I love guns and I have smithed a few guns in my life.

Did I mention "I LOVE GUNS" My hands are shaking from typing.:gun:
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