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GT45 to GT42 comparison

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So here's the results between #2 only passes, same exact set-up except the turbos.

The yellow one is with the GT42 (#73444), the white one is with the GT45 (#795). That's 102.46mph on the yellow ticket. As you can see by the drastically different ET's but similar mph's, the 45 doesn't really lite pretty well 'til you hit overdrive. It's pretty fun once it does lite though. :D Should have my 42 back in a couple of weeks though.
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What A/R housing were you using on the GT42R and the GT45? And are you going to sell the GT45? And are you down sizing to get the fun factor back? :D And aside from the two turbos being different in size, can you reuse the same pedistal? And what about the up-pipes? Is the set for the 45 longer than the ones for the 42? Sorry for all the questions Danny. Just curious.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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