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I've been waiting a while to post this information, but I've been working closely with a company to cast a new high performance 7.3 block.

These blocks are going to feature

- High grade casting material (same as used in NASCAR and Pro-stock blocks)
- Billet steel 8620 main caps with splayed bolts on 2-3-4
- main studs are H11
- proiority main oiling
- Larger oiling flow to hpop resevoir
- Larger main webbing around crankshaft and cam tunnel area
- siamese bore cylinders
- siamese bore water jacketing
- extra thick deck surface
- significantly thicker cylinder walls
- thicker pan rails
- screw in freeze plugs

We are working out details right now as far as price but it looks like it is going to be around $4000-4500, obviously the more we have ordered and made the less they will cost, we could get the cost as low as $3000

Let me know what you think!!!:ford:
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dave will break one when he leans out the fuel again... joking
danny he'll find a way to break it though
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