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Going back to stock exhaust | what should I expect?

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When I bought my truck, it already had a 5” exhaust installed. And I haven’t stopped having problems with it… The fitment, the look, the noise, and keeping the dang thing in place. The massive downpipe doesn’t clearance the large ZF6 bell housing, thus it rattles. The tailpipe is so large it doesn’t clearance a full-size spare tire. The system doesn’t utilize all the exhaust hangers on the chassis, so the whole thing flops all over the place. The lap joint connections are a real pain to fit together, and once they’re fitted, it doesn’t matter how much I tighten the compression clamps. The pieces always slip and shift around. I’ve had sections of exhaust come loose and fall off while driving on multiple occasions because of it. It has a “performance” muffler that does a decent job, but there’s still a noticeable drone. I’ve messed with it for hours, and had to chop sections to get it to somewhat fit right, and it still isn’t 100%. Needless to say, I really dislike aftermarket exhausts (at least this one has left a real sour taste in my mouth).

So I’m going back to a stock exhaust system. But I’m mildly concerned about doing so because I’m afraid I may loose gas mileage, or increase EGTs. I’m currently getting 16-20 mpgs on the freeway. And I also don’t want to have too much backpressure. As I said, the truck already had the exhaust installed when I bought it. So I don’t really know what a truck with a stock pipe drives like.

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Another truck to welding on a truck with electronics is to keep your ground clamp as close to the work as possible.

But with a vehicle with electronics you can zap anything at anytime when welding on it. The only real safe way is to remove the electronics and place them on a bench.
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