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going back to Kil-Kare september 13th

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we are going back to Kil-Kare thursday September 13th should be 12-15 trucks again, would be great to meet a few nwe folks this week.
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dammit i want to go lol. I hate work

I want to meet up with some other Strokers to look at what they have and everything to get some good ideas and such. There are hardly any here in Richmond. Everyone is set on gettin dumbass Civics lol

When I got my truck about a month ago they were all like "Wtf are you going ******* on us or somethin" I was just like dont under estimate a diesel
on saturday October 20th we are having an all truck/ large SUV (V8/10 or Diesel) drag race. One class for Diesel and one for gas. so take that day off and come over. I will be putting up a post with the event flyer soon.

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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