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Ok well long story short, my gf's 2002 Ford Escape was at the dealer for service. Someone broke into it on the dealer lot at night and jacked the entire audio system out of it. Insurance from the dealer should be covering the cost of all of it, but now we have the opportunity to maybe do some upgrades and buy some better stuff.

What was taken:
Jensen VM9512HD DVD player (joke's on them cause this thing was a POS)
Jensen XM/Sirius adapater
Rockford Fosgate P6002 amp (discontinued now, but we liked this amp)
Rockford 4ga wiring kit was completely hacked up
Rockford 1FA cap, was actually left in the car...
DUAL (brand) sub enclosure with 2 12" subs and LED box (el cheapo).

They left the speakers in the doors (probably didn't know they were there), but broke in and took only this stuff, minus the cap which they left.

Now the Jensen DVD player we had nothing but problems with. We can not fit a dual din player in the escape (its a euro din or 1 1/2 din, not the standard double din), so we are stuck with the single din setups, which means roll out screens which I am leary of. We would like another DVD player, but it seems this is kind of you get what you pay for and we just don't have the funds to drop $1000+ on the deck alone. We only paid $400 for this Jensen and it was a POS. If there is nothing out there that is reliable and inexpensive, we will stick to a standard deck. The deck we should have no problems picking out ourselves. My questions come with the amp and sub setups.

What would you guys buy if you had $1500 to spend. The system that was in there was bought probably 5 years ago or more and we really had NO clue about sub/amp setups. The duals we bought because they were cheap, and I'll tell you what, they lasted a long time and were still working perfect when they got jacked. However, I know they're not the best thing by any means, so again, we're not opposed to upgrading here.

What are your suggestions for subs/amps in say the $1000 price range (if we spend $500 on a new deck and possibly a set of front speakers)

The car still has the Kenwood excelon front 5x7's and the infinity kappa 5x7's in the rear, but they've seen better days (the doors on the escape don't do much to keep crud out of where the speakers are. One Kenwood on the drivers side kicks on and off randomly, and the drivers side Infinity had the tweeter actually fall off. (I've used the same four infinity speakers in all three of my trucks since 2002 until now, and have had 0 issues... wtf).

So... thoughts, comments, suggestions...? We would like to try and build this better than before. I think if we get a less expensive deck and save some coin for the subs/amps we can have a kick butt setup.

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Your gonna get a lot of remarks on the Focal brand on speakers. They are supposed to be wicked. As for the price... That is kinda spendy also. I remember MB Quarts, JL audio, Clarion pro audio, Boston Pro series were the cats azz back in the day. As for the deck... I have my alpine for sale. IVA-D310 7" motorized flip up screen. I was thinkin on the lines of 500.00 for it. Bought it for 1,500 a few years ago. IM me if your interested... Got some other stuff for sale I can tell you about as well, along with pictures
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