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Getting closer...

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but waiting for the wheels might just drive me to drink!

Can't wait to try running it down the track with something other than those crappy BFG "Rugged Terrains".
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...or break something trying! :doh:
Whats the size on those tires??
31.5" tall, 12" tread width on 16"x10" wheel
awesome! what all are you running on this truck injector/turbo wise etc?
Mild AC injectors with modified stock turbo right now. Engine for full build is sitting in my shop.
And a bit the wheels today. They fit with no clearance problems, hope to have the tires on tomorrow (street tires anyway). They still need to make me the second set of rear wheels for the slicks.

Damn it's hard being patient!
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1st gear and overdrive are now on permanent vacation. Talked to JW today and he's starting on a trans for it. He'll call me when it's done and I'll run it down and get it swapped out (and fix my leaking rear main seal while I'm there). The track will have to wait for all of that to take place...the leak has gotten bad enough that they wouldn't let me race anyway. I'm guessing it will be sometime early next year before I get it out to the track...all the family stuff coming with the holidays will really put a cramp in getting stuff done.
Hopefully tires will be on it this afternoon!

16x10 rear wheel weighs 16#
16x6 front wheel weighs 13.5#

I'll weigh them with tires installed later...but there is NO WAY they will even come close to the 91# that each of the current wheels/tires weighs!
Here are some "teaser" pics. The other 2 will be put on the truck tomorrow and torqued and I'll be able to pull it out and get better pictures.

If you're interested, the weight savings is HUGE!

Stock 2005 17" Steel Wheel with 265/70/17 BFG Rugged Trail - 90.8# each
New 16x10 Rear with Hoosier 31x12.50 Pro Street Tire - 58.5# each
New 16x6 Front with Goodyear 225/75/16 Wrangler ST Tire - #41.5# each

That's a savings of 64.6# of the rear and 98.6# off the front!!!

The only thing I'm a bit bummed about is that I mis-measured the tires that were on it and thought that these 31s would be a bit taller...but instead they are a tad shorter. No big deal, nothing I could do about it as I have not found a 33" "pro-street" tire that is about the same width and will fit a 10" wheel so I didn't really have another choice anyway. The slicks are a bit taller...maybe .5"'s the pics...

Left - New Rear Tire
Center - Current 2005 Wheels/Tires
Right - New Front Tire

New Front Mounted

New Rear Mounted

Front and Rear Width Comparison

Rear Fit...Almost Perfect Even with the Fender Edge

Better pictures tomorrow when I get the others installed and get the truck out of the shop.
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And before anyone asks...yes...I'll be cleaning up the hubs and painting them so they don't look so crappy in the middle of those beautiful wheels!
No point in adding power if it won't shift. Trans is next.
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