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If you are not quite happy about how often you find yourself in the situations when your tough pulling truck need to be jump started, then it's time to seriously consider our High Performance long-lasting AGM Battery by Bosch. No matter how high the power consumption of your F-250 is, this battery is manufactured to provide it with sure starting power when needed and guaranteed to serve you twice as long as your OE battery ever could. Moreover, it had been tested under the most demanding conditions, so there is no chance it will ever let you down even while the extremely hot or severely cold seasons.

* click on the pictures to find more details on this battery at CARiD;

Bosch® S6551B - S6 High Performance AGM™ Battery

* Fits 2011-2012 F-250 6.2L / 6.7L with A/C models;
* This battery is already available for pre-order, the ETA is early August 2016;
* Price: $210.48;

* Polarity: Reverse.
* Amp Hour Capacity: 75.
* Voltage: 12V.
* Battery Type: AGM.
* BCI Group Size: 65.
* CCA: 750.
* Reserve Capacity: 150.
* Terminal Type: Top.

Read more about Bosch at CARiD:

If you ever have any additional questions, please be sure to reach out.
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