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Gay Azz Performance Video

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Re: Performance Video

Re: Performance Video

If you are referring to me I was not trying to go fast I was keeping the engine lugged. I am going to make a few acceleration videos tonight

I just made one, but I cannot find the cord for the camera.:(
Re: Performance Video

d00d, my turbo wiiiiistles way more than urs.
What turbo is that?
Re: Performance Video

Your on empty!
Re: Performance Video

I never thought I'd see the word "stable" in anything associated with Andrew.


I beat a dodge last weekend, extreme bully dog, HX50, and 70% water meth :gun:

Stacked dirty max beat me once, I beat him once. He was genuinely faster but I raped him off the launch.

That was in a bigger town, with more diesels, and more money.

Around here, I hold the title.

Oh, and that Banks dodge I destroyed yesterday, with 4 people in my truck. :hehe:

To answer your question honestly, I "usually" beat them :gun:
Waht is there like 50 people in that village?......:poke:
That method SUCKS!
1 - 8 of 92 Posts
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