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Gas Vs. Diesel

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Someone please go over here and straighten this out.:D:lame:
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That is some of the funniest crap I have read... Fluid driving a turbo!!!:hehe::hehe::hehe::hehe:

I just might have to register over there for the hell of it and straighten them out if no one else does.
gregrob... you need to copy and paste that in those forums!! :hehe:
oh i cant wait to see their response.... bet you the one guy comes up with an explanation for the y-32 flux capacitator. :hehe:
Yeah and the one guy that says black smoke is just from unburned fuel that is burning in the exhaust pipe. :hehe: If that was the case elmores truck would be a jet truck by the looks of his avatar! :D
I saw 11 mpgs towing 13k at 85mph
Somebody give me some realistic HP/TQ #s that I can put in my sig for over there... for my set up that is
I wish.. but I'll put it in there for the hell of it.
579hp/1264tq?? With a Banks Triple Dog Power Pup whatever ya call it...LOL
I'm not a banks :nutswinger: but that one guy over there is.
Alright I just couldn't stand it anymore so here the "BS" I'm feeding them. I tried to be nice.
Oh well too bad I went to sleep early. i could have had more fun. I just think it is hilarious how the one guy thinks there is fire in your exhaust pipe.
1 - 11 of 83 Posts
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