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i just bought a 96 f250 psd and i also need to do a indepent video project for my audio video class and was thinking i could get two birds with one stone. I was wondering what i would all need to in words of fluids and how much? i know i missed some just need help

  • clutch
  • brakes
  • oil
  • front and rear dif
  • trans oil

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MN gets really cold... You will get many opinions on this, if they post...

Oil---{Delo-Rotella-Delvac-Valvoline} In no particular order... 14qts
Oil---{Viscosity} MN? I would use 5W-40 or 10W30 or 0W-40 HDEO if you can find it...

Trans--{Auto} Can't go wrong with Valvoline Maxlife Merc/Dex

Diffs---{Front} 75W-90 M1 or Valvoline {Rear}--75W-90 or 75W-140 synthetic

Transfer Case--{96'} I assume it's {ATF} I like Synthetic ATF in a TC.

This might help with capacity of ea... You just have to know what equiptment your 96 has...

AMSOIL Online Product Application Guide

Don't neglect your coolant!! There is alot to learn... These PSD are more complicated then a gasser....
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