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Ok, embaressing. Somehow wrong fuel in 7.3l. Ooooops. However,did u know you can stick a real long rubber hose in,from filler and siphon fuel out. Dunno if new rigs you can do yhis.. but 1996 f250 apparently you can still. We also took fuel filter out,drained the fuel bowl.. and primed it with diesel. Filter got a spraying of water. Switched to other tank,still had fuel left. Put er back together. Went to store got full tank. Fingers crossed rn she runs ok so far. Try That in a newer dpf truck. Just hope I haven't ruined injectors. Wow. Hopefully dodged a bullet . Gas is now in gas cans. Gonna use it in the riding mower. Haha.
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your 96 should have anti-siphon tube in the fill tube.....unless someone removed it.
gas in the new trucks in no different. pull the fuel filter, and let it drain. last year the guys filled the F-550 service truck with gas twice.
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