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Fuel System Questions

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well i am trying to save a little bit of cash by trying tom make my own fuel system . i am going to buy the gen3 oil pump. and then a regulated return. from what i here i am going to have to relocate the fuel bowl with that style pump.

my questions are .....what all do i need to make this work and where can i get all all this stuff? Can some one explain how everything is routed / located (from the tank to the motor)

what what lift pump should i use? what kind of fuel filter /water separator should i use?. In tank mods???? i want to use 5/8 tubing / hose.

i can buy a whole kit ( regulated return, aeromotive 1000 pump/ filters, tank mods) for 1500 bucks but if i can save some $ i would like to make my own.

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awesome write-up Trick76cj5 ....

is it possible to get on that rear head fitting near the turbo w/o having to fabricate a hard line?
I used all Aeroquip teflon-lined S/S braided aircraft hose...none of that "push-lock" crap on the pressure side!

so you're saying you've had trouble with "push-lok's" ??

i was hoping to use those when i do mine...
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