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Fuel system questions

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Im new to the PSD world. have a 2001 250 a few mods, looking to upgrade fuel system. have read some of the other posts they have great information. what im looking to do is install the bosch 044 pump, remove the stock fuel bowl and add my own filters. my question is, is the fuel regulator part of the fuel bowl? again im new to this. im contemplating running all new fuel line from tank forward with new p/u. but at this time would rather not. what im getting at is id like to just throw in the bigger pump without changing anything. will that make a difference or do i need to change the reg and fuel bowl and lines?
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As stated above, yes the fuel bowl is part of the FPR. No need to experiment, some pretty smart guys have figured this all out for us (not saying you cant do better) just saying its been thought out forwards and backwards many times.

Check out ITPdiesel, DieselSite and Diesel Innovations, all have pretty nice fuel systems. DI even has an inexpensive way of raising your fuel pressure via shims in the FPR/fuel bowl.
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