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Fuel Pressure with Dual SD Pumps

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We have a truck in the shop that has dual SD fuel pumps inline. Fuel pressure is set at 80PSI. Driving down the road in the stock setting of the chip it goes down to about 50PSI. In the 140 Setting of the chip it goes all the way down to 30PSI. The tank has been dropped, sending unit is clean. New fuel filter has been installed. For the guys that are running this setup, what kind of fuel pressure is normal? We run Aeromotives, so I am unfamiliar with this setup. When the fuel pressure drops, things get real hot, like 1400*+ truck only, and that is not good when all this truck does is pull a trailer around. I think that if we could keep the fuel pressure stabilized that maybe the temps would not rise as fast as they do. When cruising down the freeway at 70MPH, the fuel pressure stabilizes to about 75PSI and only comes down to about 65-60PSI when pulling a hill. It seems to have the biggest problem with leaving a stop sign. Any help would be great guys.
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Luke...did you feed both pumps with just the stick feed line and a "Y"?
Same question here? Wacker had no trouble running them in parallel, though he did use huge fuel lines. One pump to each head.
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