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Fuel pressure question...fuel bowl lid pulses up/down!?

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The fuel bowl lid (factory Ford lid and fuel filter) pulses up and down when truck is running. I checked fuel pressure with a gauge...pulses back and forth between 60-70 psi. This isn't normal is it? I don't remember seeing that happen on my other truck or vans.

I haven't posted here in awhile...sold my old truck foolishly :( , but just got a rust free OBS from NM. I'll update my sig. momentarily. TIA
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I've never really bothered to look at mine for that, but you might check to see if the fuel pressure regulator has been shimmed or if the regulator screen is plugged up with crud. Cheers!
Thanks for the quick reply. If I remember correctly, the screen is behind the brass plug on the FPR , yes?

This truck was bone stock when I got...I'll look for a BB, but I doubt it. The screen being clogged is more likely. I put the CA model spring in on my old truck to bump it up, worked perfectly!
Both of my trucks do the same thing. I've never worried about it.
The screen is actually at the regulator body-to-fuel bowl joint. Cheers!
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