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fuel heater

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This mornin' while lettin the truck warm up, It died. I checked and sure enough fuse #30 was blown again. No WTS light when tryin to start it up. after burnin up 3 more fuses,came in here and read about 200 posts about good ole #30.I unplugged the fuel heater thingy from the fuel bowl. Replaced #30 and she fired right up nice and smooth. Now here is the question,,,,,how important are these fuel heaters and can they be replaced or fixed or just forgotton about???? In this neck of the woods we can get into sub-zero temps. last winter we saw -14 degrees F. What y'all think??

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I have heard, that if you have a good glow plug system, it will do good without it. A new heater is over a hundred bucks when I checked. I disconected mine last fall the first time it went below 50. Never missed it in our frigid Texas winters. Like I said, if your glow plug system is working good, and you are running good winter blend, I think you will be fine. IIRC, the fuel bowl heater helps with gelling.
I do not think it will do anything to prevent gelling but it might keep the fuel in the bowl warm enough so water that is frozen in the fuel will melt and separate without plugging the filter.
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