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Fuel gauge not working?

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My fuel gauge stopped working at the DPC in Utah. We changed out the fuel tank sending unit today and it's still not working. The needle sits bottomed out below the "E". I can pull the intrument cluster fuse and it will then show full, do it again and it's just above the "E", again and it's bottomed out below th "E" again.

What else should I check?:shrug:
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Well since the fuel gauge doesn't work I'll buy the truck off you for 10 bucks. Know I may run out of fule sometime. LOL GD wireing gremlins.

I'd just trace down the wires and would bet that you got something pinched between the Engine bay and the Bed. I.E. area of carnage that's damaged.
I'm just trying to provoke more drunken Text messages talking smack. :tree: Any way there is nothing in that truck I'd want. :lame: :ford: I'd just piece out the truck to pay for my build. :gun: LOL

But on a serious note. I'll help him out with what ever he needs. It might just be easier to re-wire the fuel sender form the tank back to the firewall or main harness.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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