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I thought I would do a write up since I didn't see it in the if it has been done before...sorry.

Here is the parts (I used 2 more 12" extensions for the filter on the rail)...

I let the fuel drain from the valve on the rail filter (about 16oz) I loosened the top filter cap to make sure there was no pressure...

I then started with the rail filter using the 36mm socket...

I moved some of the wire out of the way to make it easier. The designer for this should have his nuts removed with a butter knife!!!!

Attached the 36mm socket...

With a few extensions...

All the way back to get some room to turn...

Once it was loose I found it easier to seperate filter from the cap while it was still in the rail and pull them out.

Replace the seal on the cap and insall the cap in the rail first, then attach the filter to the cap and then install the whole assembly in the pump and torque to 20 lb-ft.

Top was much easier. Remove cap...

Replace filter in cap. Replace and lube seal on cap.

Install assembly and torque to 20 lb-ft.

Purge air by turning key from off to on for 30 seconds. Do this 6 times.
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