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courtesy of slickwilly.

Here are some instructions for the fuel filters. Pretty easy to DIY

1) Place bucket or pan or some liquid holding device under the frame rail fuel filter (inside of frame, under driver seat).
2) Open the water drain valve (plastic lever on the side of the filter housing that you're supposed to drain occasionally).
3) Let diesel drain into bucket.
4) Drink a beer.
5) Remove filter cap on top of motor while diesel is draining under truck.
6) Replace filter on top of motor, re-install cap.
7) Drink another beer.
8) When all diesel is done draining from plug, close drain valve.
9) Remove filter cap from frame rail, expect some dripping of fuel, and a wet filter.
10) Replace filter, re-install cap.
11) Drink another beer.
12) *Very important* Turn key to on position without cranking truck, leave for 20 seconds, turn key off for 20 seconds, do this cycle at least 5 times to purge air from the lines.
13) Crank truck, let idle for a minute, done deal.
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