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I have been around for a while on a few other sites and I am now looking to buy a PS so thought this would be a good place to learn or maybe find the truck I need.... or what to look for.

I am wanting a 95-97 350 but might get a 250 if its the right one for me. Swapping in a d60 would be easy.

Just for the eye porn here are a couple other toys I wrench on...

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Awesome Bronco, I used to have an 89 Eddie Bauer Green w/ Tan. Loved that truck.

The Ranger got totaled out about 6 months ago and I bought an '04 SD crew cab for $2k, $4700 in the motor so far and its running good. As of now I need to replace the temp sensor in the trans and get my cluster fixed.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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