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I have a nice exterior door for an OBS For-Sale. It's for the right/passenger side (front for you crew-cab guys)

It actually came off a 93 model, but will fit any 92-96 F-series (and 97 F-250/350) trucks.

It's in good shape w/o any rust, dents or dings. It comes with all the glass & working internals (power window regulator & power lock assy). The mirror, door handle and key lock have been removed and are not included.

Most salvage yards charge 250-300 for used ones.

I'm asking $125.

I'm NOT really looking to ship this, BUT,.... I AM willing to work with the potential buyer in anyway to try to accomodate them make this happen.

I will be traveling from Eastern KY (41501 zip) to Atlanta GA (30080 zip) this friday 06-25. I can bring it with me and meet someone along the way.

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