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heres a copy paste from our local forum

Here's the deal. Just got the truck sat, everything was cool. sunday night the truck cut out goin down the highway, like lost power, went to idle, gauges dropped, howerever the engine didnt die. it picked right back up so i didn't worry. well yesterday morning it died right after i started it leaving for work. abs light keeps flickering and half the time it dies out the fuel water light comes on. it did this probably 5-6 times then finally started acting right and ran decent all the way to work. it acted up a bit in the lot at work when i was leaving, but again cleared up. well now tonight after working all night on swapping interior, i head home from my garage and its doing nothing but cuting out, dying, barely even boosting up at all. it cleared up for a second on the way, but then stalled at a traffic light. well i made it home, barely....

Now i was going to drain the primary filter but i cant get the damn cap off, plus i really dont think it mechanical, because there's moments were the truck regains full power and runs strong as hell. i'd say alternator maybe? i just replaced the batteries sunday as they were down on power, and under warranty anyway. but the abs light deal and the fuel/water light, and oh yea, the little squiggly line light under it lights up when it cuts out under load, well those make me think its something else. the engine light, trans light, batt light and any other warning light for that matter have yet to come on.

Truck is an 04 F350, 6.0 diesel, 5R10W trans, 4x4, and has 92,xxx. half a tank of fuel, all fluids look good.

i'm lost.....

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can you pull some codes?

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Is the alternator testing OK?

Also, check for wire harness chaffing:
Wire Chaffing Locations
Ford DTC codes wire chafing locations -
Upper left valve cover or valve cover stud, near the FICM
Idler pulley under the thermostat (wiring routed around the power steering pump)
Left front valve cover hold-down bolts/studs
Exhaust Pressure (EP) sensor bracket at thermostat housing
Right valve cover at Glow Plug Control Module (GPCM)
Accelerator Pedal pivot point under dash
PCM harness at battery box
CKP wiring near A/C compressor and belt tensioner
12A581 harness circuit 1044 (WH/YE) near connector C1443 (left rear corner of engine compartment)
Front left of intake manifold near breather tube and air inlet duct
Injector harnesses
Check injector harnesses and FICM harness for backed out or bent pins

FICM and ICP harness recall
(in the link above you may have to copy and past the address in your web browser to access the video from Ford.
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