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We are looking for members who may have experience with applying die cut or edge cut decals or body graphics type decals and would like a free decal. Experience isn't required. Anyone interested can participate. Please read the free decal offer details below.

The Offer:
We are offering our custom decals free to a limited number of members who would be willing to write and submit decal application tips for applying die cut decals, and a photo of their applied decal. Or interested members can submit their application tips and photos during application, or even a video tutorial of their application techniques and the applied decal. Anyone interested please contact us directly by phone or e-mail with decal-offer PSN as the subject.
Please do not pm us about decals. To contact us directly see our banner below or just click on the banner to visit our site.

We may decide to host any videos or photos and any other info the members with the best techniques and applied decals submit. Interested members can also submit their user id, photos, and info about their vehicles if they choose. For Members who would be interested in having their decal, user id, and vehicle info featured on our site,--let us know that.

Links to images of the decals:

Official Racer X decal design in the official colors© of Racer X©.

Size: 4 1/2" High by 8 3/4" wide. Their big, bold, custom designed and made in The U. S. A.

The Special Edition "Racer X's Eye Of The Tiger©" Decals.

Custom Designed and made in The U. S. A. Like the Official decals they are Big and Bold. Size: 4 1/2" High by 8 3/4" wide.

The Free deal offer is for a limited time only. A follow up post will announce when the offer has ended.

Questions? Please remember to contact us directly--Thanks!

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