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Frame lengthening

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Has anyone lengthened their frame? I have a 10' flatbed on my 450 now, but with the welder on it, the bed space gets cut down quite a bit, I was thinking of going an extra 2' or 2'-6"
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I havent done it to a super duty but have done it to a kenworth T 800

You are gonna need longer fuel lines. Longer brake lines and any wiring that would need to be lengthened as well.

Jarrod the reason most people cut and shorten lengthen before the axle is because the truck handles the weight better that way.
yeah, it already has too much behind the axle. it would look a little goofy.

i heard some different things about the harness, like if I splice the ABS wires, it'll show more resistance in the line and will put the abs light on.
Cant say Ive ever had that problem
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