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Ford or after market filters

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Hi all,

So I read somewhere that you should only use Ford oil and fuel filters and I forget why. Is this bullsheet cuz they are a lot more money.
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Racor makes Motorcraft filters, they're okay to use and much cheaper. Other than that, you're rolling dice.
there more money because their not crap

shop wisely and they aren't much more

Can't argue with "you get what you pay for" ....
Powerstrokes use a proprietary filter housing designed and patented by PARKER hydraulic. Several years ago PARKER sued several companies like wix ect... for patent infringement. After that companies started changing their filters to no infringe on Parkers patents. These filters do not fit correctly or filter correctly and can/will cause significant damage to the fuel and oil systems. The only filter that should be uses are made or licensed by Parker. Until their patents expire that is what you are stuck with an over priced filter.
I order all my filters for my 6.7 online at "Dieselfiltersonline". I usually order 1 air filter, 1 set of fuel filters and 3 oil filters cause shipping is the same. Great prices too.
Hi all,

So there ya have it I'll stick with the Ford filters.

Oil filters from walmart and fuel/air/trans so on from the web. About the cheapest way to go. There has been many who have had problems because they used aftermarket filters. If you search around you will find many supporting threads...
I cant believe someone is still asking this same question. A simple search of "OEM filter or aftermarket" would yield over 50 threads on the matter. Just sayin.......
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