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I'd like to sell the 347 long block that I had built but have never used. This long block setup was assembled by CHP and has been sealed, sitting in a crate in my garage for the past 4 years. I just haven't found the time or money to finish the car.

The short block is a CHP Pro-Street 347 (all forged internals) built with 10.5:1 CR and 28oz balance, with some upgrades to the original package, such as upgraded ARP fasteners and stud girdle. The heads are unported AFR 185's. Here is a break down of what would be included:

CHP Pro-Street 347 10.5:1CR [$2452]
AFR 185cc 60cc Heads [$1460]
Ed Curtis Custom Grind Cam [$325]
ARP 1/2" Head Studs [$120]
CHP Billet Double Roller Timing Set [$100]
CHP Front Cover [$100]
CHP/Probe 3/8" Stud Girdle w/ARP Studs [$200]
Canton 7 Quart Oil Pan [$380]
Felpro Gasket Set [$120]
FMS Roller Lifters [$120]
Melling High Volume Oil Pump [$40]
Edelbrock High Flow WP [$142]
Power Bond Balancer [$190]
SFI 28oz Flex Plate [$140]
New prices in [brackets]

Looking for $5500 + shipping. I'm located in Lawrence, KS and the motor is in storage in Lincoln, NE. I could meet a buyer in either place if you would like to pick it up rather than ship it.

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