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FNG with questions and advice needed

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Howdy all,
FNG here with a 99.5 super duty 7.3psd and had a few questions and need some advice;
First, my super duty fires right up everytime and runs up/down the road fine, no lights at all on the dash (they all work), BUT,
-My 7.3 seems to have a VERY SLIGHT rough idle, not bad or even really noticeable to most, but I'm wondering if its a precursor to something I'll need to adjust/replace?
-Also, my 7.3 seems really down on power, theres just not much there and I'm wondering if that's another precursor to indicate maintenance that's needed?
(I've owned a NA 7.3idi and turbocharged 6.9idi as well as currently using a cummins for work so I don't expect "race car performance" but do expect SOME "get-up-and-go" when I hit the pedal.)
I'm planning some perf upgrades to my 7.3 and wondering which is the biggest "bang-for-the-buck" modification?
I was looking at a tuner, exhaust, cold air intake, compressor wheel, etc. Again I'm not looking for "race car" perf, just an increase.
Thanks for any info and input guys!
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A slightly rough idle is pretty much the norm for most 7.3L's. A lot of times it has to do with the cam position sensor. Try replacing that to see if the issue fixes or changes. Use only Ford or International cam sensors.

The main three things that cause a loss of power are; low boost, weak HPOP, or worn injectors. Start with checking to see if you have any boost leaks.

That list of mods is a good place to start. We can get you setup with all of it if you are interested. Let me know if you have any questions.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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