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fluidampr Install Woes Day Two!!!

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I finally got the dampener back on and now my serpentine belt wont fit between the fluidampr and the pulley on the water pump. So I figure I'll take the water pump pulley off but now the spacer wont come off the pulley shaft only the clutch fan. I'm ready to burn this mother down. No matter how many tools I buy or how many posts I read before doing a project There is always some major malfunction. The older I get the more I understand why people pay to have some one else work on their stuff.

I have never seen A post about problems getting the belt back on after the fluidampr install. God forbid what will happen if I ever throw a belt going down the highway I'll never get a new one back on.

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i thought I heard about that with the OBS but can not remember who I was talking to.

I think you really have to force it in or try spinning the crank while feeding the belt in, really not the right way.

Yeah I sure as hell wouldn't want to break that belt on the highway
Alan, the water pump pulley is larger on the OBS trucks, then the SD's. You can get it in, just pinch the belt between the pulley and the dampner, and turn the pump pulley. It's tight, but it will fit.

Kenny, that was me that told you that!:D
Joey, I thought it was you:doh:
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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