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Hey all. I'm a native Texan, and refuse to live anywhere else. Despite that fact, I have never owned a truck before last fall. I picked up a 2wd 2001 CCLB 7.3, ZF6 truck for cheap, swapped an early 99 motor (original engine had bad compression), 66/88 billet turbo upgrade, TS6 chip, 4-5 inch exhaust with boost actuated cut out, 3.5 to 6 inch intake, return style regulated fuel system, new carpet, velour headliner, RV front seats, 120lbs of sound deadening on the firewall, 60 more on the trans tunnel, another 60 wherever else sounded bad when I hit it, stupid LED lights everywhere, an isolated 12v lithium battery bank, iron cross front bumper, billet grill, some generic aftermarket steel back bumper, modest stereo, 33" nitto grappler somethings... stock 06 17x7.5" wheels with too much backspacing, I'm sure there is some other stuff I've done that I forgot about...

Moby is working on 300K miles, the last owner clearly did not speak car and everything needs addressing... it is still a shameful mess of a turd, that is very awesome to drive/ride in. It yells and farts black smoke when it's angry, gets a financially uncomfortable number for fuel mileage, and can literally move a house when properly rigged (verified factually)

Anyway, the reason I joined the forum is to see if anyone else is as weird as I am. I have a full set of McNeil Racing 3 inch flared, 2.5" higher wheel arch fenders and bedsides, and I am going to run these 37x13.5r20s on a set of aggressive offset wheels. I had a 2" leveling kit, but I didn't like the way it drove. I have the double adjustable camber things, but it was just not quite right. It drove better stock. I took out the level kit and put 2" dropnshackles on the back. I don't give a crap if I have to hack, chop, and fab my way to a stock, reverse leveled dooty on MF'ing 37s. I want this. As large a wheel and as low as I can go
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