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The NHRDA is proud to announce their partnership with The Make A Wish Foundation Indiana Chapter.

After the success of the Texas Diesel Nationals with Make A Wish , The NHRDA decided to contact the Indiana Chapter of Make A Wish.

MAW did a search for kids that want to go to a sled pull and or drag race and we happy to say we have 6 kids and their families that will be the VIP's of the NHRDA at the FASS Diesel Nationals.

This is a great opportunity for us in the Diesel Community to show these kids a great time and help them forget the struggles they have to battle day in and day out.

We are asking Drivers to print up some pictures of your trucks so when we bring the kids through the pits to view the trucks , we are asking for all competitors in both sled pulling and drag racing to take a minute and sign the picture and if possilbe let them sit in the trucks.

I know a lot of people dont think that is a lot but you cant believe the letters I received from parents at Texas. Their kids are still talking about the event 2months later and how they have freinds that let them sit in their cool trucks.

Sometimes we get caught up in the competition and forget how lucky we really are to be able to do what we do, and for me I will be honest this was the highlight of the Texas event knowing we made a difference , even if for only a few hours but we made these kids feel special.

Thanks in advance to all the drivers for helping make June 5th 2010 a day that these kids will remember for their entire lifes.

Randy Cole
President of the NHRDA
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