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I copied this from another site

I know for a fact that the FIL1202 from napa works.It cost me 22 bucks this weekend.Pump sure is quieter along with a boost in fuel pressure.

I started a long thread on TDR about FASS filters a year or so is a list I researched...figured someone might find this useful...

Napa (made by Wix?)
FIL1274 - 10 micron @ 50%
FIL1202 - 5 micron @ 50%

Wix (same as Napa?)
51202 - 5 micron @ 50%
51274 - 10 micron @ 50%

Fleetguard (only the good ones)
HF6604 - 5 micron @ 99%, 1 micron @ 95%
HF6607 - 6 micron

P169392 - 1 or 2 micron @ 99% (IIRC)

BT372-10 - 10 micron @ 50%
BT372-MPG - 5 micron @ 50%
BT8509-MPG - 1 to 2 micron @ 98.6%

70032 - 10 micron
70213 - 3 micron

The screen is harder, only the FS1023 and maybe a Baldwin BF7760 work. There is a Napa screen (no drain) that is FIL3691.

These should be pretty easy to find for you guys can also have these crossed at local farm supply stores as I have seen reference to both JD and IH.

I think the HF6604 is about the best you can get at around $60 from Geno's Garage. The Baldwin BT8509 is around $50 from a Baldwin dealer. I carry a Wix 51202 for a roadside spare because they only cost $15 locally. These would be my choices, mainly because they are fairly easy to get...

Another thing that I see often is the question about change frequency...I change mine once a year (approximately 50K miles), probably change less often now that I have a pressure guage. If you have a pressure guage, you can see the onset of a plugged filter.

Also, make sure you frequently drain the water separator, especially in winter...
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