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Just wondering if you guys ever thought of putting together a FAQ sticky for newbs like myself that are trying to sort out whats what. It's worked well for our wheelin' sites... just a suggestion, sure are alot of abreviations here lol.

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I think that will also be one of those things that is to come. The site is new so there are yet to be developed areas.


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Thanks for the suggestion J Rock.

We DO need to put together a list of abbreviations. I know it can bug the crap out of you when you don't know what they mean.

FAQ's are good too. We want to compile a healthy database of tech info and modification write ups, etc eventually.

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here is a list that larym compiled.

4x2 Two Wheel Drive
4R100 auto tranny on SuperDuty trucks 99+
4x4 Four Wheel Drive
4X4L Four by Four Low
ABS Antilock Braking System
AC Air Conditioning
ACC - Accessory Position of ignition key
ACC Air Conditioning Clutch
ACT - Air Charge Temp
AFAIK - As far as I know
AIC Auxiliary Idle Control (see APCM)
APCM Auxiliary Powertrain Control Module(FORD's name for AIC)
AP Accelerator Position
API - American Petroleum Institute
APS Accelerator Position Sensor
ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid
B100-100% biodiesel
B20-20%bio+80%#2fuel..B2-2%bio etc
BARO Barometric Pressure Sensor
BB Bulletin Board
BBS Bulletin Board System
BFH - A REALLY Big hammer
BOO Brake On/Off
BP - Barometric Pressure
BPA-brake pressure applied(switch)
BT(T)T Back/Bump To(The) Top
BTW By The Way
C6 - Ford Tranny used in older diesels
CAC - Charge Air Cooler
CAT - Catalytic Converter
CC Crew Cab (4 door)
CCV Crank Case Ventilation
CDR Crankcase Depression Regulator
CEL-check engine light (see also SES)
CLV - Calculated Load Valve
CPS Cam Positioning Sensor
CTD - Cummins Turbo Diesel
DC - Diamler Chrysler
DI Direct Injection
DILLIGAF Does It Look Like I Give A Flip
DLC Data Link Connector(OBD connection)
DMAX - Duramax Diesel
DORA Dealer Order Receipt Acknowledgment
DRL Daytime Running Lights
DRN Dead Right Now
DRW Dual Rear Wheels, dually, Dooley
DSB Dispute Settlement Board (third party arbitrator)
DTC Diagnostic Trouble Code(usually P-xxx/xxxx)
DVOM/DVM Digital Volt-Ohm Meter/Digital Volt Meter
DWHUA Driving with Head Up "You know what"
E4OD auto tranny on pre-'99 Ford heavy pickups
EB Exhaust Brake
EBP Exhaust Back Pressure
EBPR/EPR Exhaust Back Pressure regulator
EBPS exhaust back pressure sensor
EBV/EBPV Exhaust Backpressure Valve
ECM - Engine Control Module
ECT Engine Coolant Temperature
EEC(M) Electronic Engine Control (Module)
EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection
EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation
EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature
EOT Engine Oil Temperature
ESOF Electronic Shift On-The Fly
ESP Extended Service Plan
FAQs Frequently Asked Questions
FICM Fuel Injector Control Module (6.0 term for IDM)
FIPW Fuel Injection Pulse Width
FOMOCO - Ford Motor Company
FOC Free Of Charge
FPR - Fuel Pressure Regulator
FTVB= Factory Tech Valve Body for tranny
FUBAR Fouled Up Beyond Any Repair/Redemption
FWIW For What its Worth
FWHP- flywheel horsepower
FWTQ- flywheel torque
FYI For Your Information
GAWR Gross Axle Weight Rating
GCWR Gross Combined Weight Rating
GEM Generic Electronic Module
GP Glow Plug
GPC Glow Plug Controller
GPR Glow Plug Relay
GPS - Global Positioning System
GVWR Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
GVW Gross Vehicle Weight
GW Gross Weight
H2E Holset model of turbo
HEUI Hydraulic-actuated Electronically-controlled Unit Injector
HPOP High Pressure Oil Pump
HPX or H/X - High Pressure oil crossover mod that connects the two HP oil rails together
HTS - Hope this Helps
IAT Intake Air Temperature
ICQ I seek you - internet chat network
ICP Injection Control Pressure
ICPR Injection Control Pressure Regulator
IDI In Direct Injection
IDM Injector Driver Module
IFS - Independent Front Suspension
IIRC = If I Remember/Recall Correctly
IIRR - If I remember Right
IRS - Independent Rear Suspension
IMHO In My Humble Opinion
IMNSHO In my not so humble opinion
IMO - In my opinion
IRT In Reply To
JFYI Just For Your Information
IPR Injection Pressure Regulator
IVS Idle Validation Switch
JMHO Just My Humble Opinion
JMVHO Just My Very Humble Opinion
KOEO Key On Engine Off
KOER Key On Engine Running
LB Long Bed
LED - Light Emitting Diode
LMLM Lean Mean Linking Machine (That's Me )
LMAO Laughing My "You know what" Off (less funny than ROTFLMAO, but more funny than ROTFLOL)
LOL Lots of Luck
LOL Laugh Out Loud
LS(D) Limited Slip (Differential)
LWB Long Wheel Base
MAF Mass Air Flow Sensor
MAP Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
MIL Malfunction Indicator Lamp
MTCW My Two Cents Worth
MVSO My Very Strong Opinion
NGS New Generation Star (Ford vehicle diagnostic scan tool)
OASIS On-line Automotive Service Information System
OBD On Board Diagnostics
OBS Old/Other body style
OD Over Drive
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OOC Out of Commission (Broke!)
OTC Overhead Trip Computer
OTOH On the Other Hand
PATS Passive Anti-Theft System
PBA Parking Brake Applied
PCED Powertrain Control/Emissions Diagnosis service manuel
PCM Powertrain Control Module
PCV Positive Crankcase Ventilation
PDL Power Door Locks
PITA Pain In The "You know what"
PM Power mirors
POS Piece of "Smelly Stuff"
PPIII - "Portable Programmer" - device similar to the SCMT made by HyperTech
PS Power Steering / Power Stroke
PSD Power Stroke Diesel
PSOM-programable speedometer odometer module
PTO Power Take Off
PTTTM Power Telescoping Trailer Tow Mirrors
PW Power Windows
PWM Pulse Width Modulation
RABS Rear Anti Brake System
RC Regular Cab
ROTFLMAO Rolling On The Floor Laughing My "You know what" Off (more funny than either ROTFLOL and LMAO)
ROTFLOL Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud (less funny than either LMAO or ROTFLMAO)
SB Short Bed
SC Super Cab (extended cab)
SCMT Super Chips Micro Tuner (similar to a chip that uses the DLC to reprogram the PCM)
SD Super Duty
SES Service Engine Soon
SNAFU Situation Normal All Fouled Up
SOL Short of Luck
SOS Same Ole Stuff
SOTP Seat of the Pants
SRS Supplemental Restraint System (air bags)
SRW Single Rear Wheel
SVO-straight vegetable oil
SWAG Scientific Wild "seat-of-the-pants" Guess (slightly better than a WAG but not by much)
SWB Short Wheel Base
TANSTAAFL There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TC Torque Converter or Transfer Case
TCC Torque Converter Clutch
TCIL Transmission Control Indicator Light (OD off)
TCM Transmission Control Module (new for 6.0)
TCS Transmission Control Switch (OD off Button)
TFT Transmission Fluid Temperature
TPS Throttle Position Sensor
TSB Technical Service Bulletin
TTB Twin Traction Beam
TTM Turbo Temp Monitor
TTM Trailer Towing Mirrors
TTT To The Top
VAC Volts Alternating Current
VDC Volts Direct Current
VECI Vehicle Emissions Control Information
VIN Vehicle IdentNumberification
VREF Voltage Reference
VSS Vehicle Speed Sensor
WAG Wild Seat-of-the-pants Guess
WOT Wide Open Throttle
WRT With Reference To (an administrative term)
WVO-waste vegetable oil
ZF Some Crazy German hand-shaker Transmission

im sure there is more abbreviations, so whoever has moe chime in.

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We are going to install a piece that will highlight abbreviations and give a definition for them.

Less cumbersome than going to a new thread, opening a sticky and reading through the whole list to find what you need. :cool:

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Just wondering if you guys ever thought of putting together a FAQ sticky for newbs like myself that are trying to sort out whats what. It's worked well for our wheelin' sites... just a suggestion, sure are alot of abreviations here lol.

While far from complete a partial list of some of the abbreviations are in a post I made on 8/7 in THIS THREAD . You might want to copy those into like a notepad doc since that thread is fixing to fall off the edge at least in my brower.

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