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Hi guys

Just trying to see if anyone can help me pinpoint the problem here.

I have been noticing this issue recently on my last long trip. on the highway things seem to me close to normal temp but not quite.

my list of problems.

my coolant temps get up to 220-215 driving in town and slightly lower on the highway. 80-85 ambient temp.
my oil temp gets to 198-205 with a BPD external oil cooler.
trans temps get to 180 or so but on the highway it drops down to 168 after awhile.
ac is only cold on the highway in town hardly there.

I am thinking maybe the fan clutch is not engaging ( i have never heard it kick on ever).

is the fan clutch either on or off dose it have any in between.

I am going to do a test and ground out the blue wire and manually see if i can get it to lock. just have not had the time to do it yet.


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Did you ever figure anything out??? I've got an 08 e series with similar issues and was thinking fan clutch as well
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