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Its That Time AGAIN.......

Fall Brawl 2007...“No good decision was ever made in a swivel chair.”

The Mason-Dixon TDC would like to extend our invitation to all who desire to participate in this great end of the year show.This is our annual 2 day dyno competition which hosts some of the finest examples of diesel powered Trucks from all over the country.We also have a covered dish cookout for those who would like to bring their favorite food along to share with the whole group.

The Dates.....Saturday & Sunday October 20th-21st-Rain Or Shine
The Place......SGS Automotive & Performnce
901 Range End Road
Dillsburg,PA 17019
SGS Automotive
The Cost.......$70 for 3 spins with HP/TQ readings.

Remember stack equipped owners we would like you to drop your flex pipes is possible or allow us to some way vent the soot outside.Also we would like the dually owners to drop their outside tires off which allows us to move trucks in and out more efficently.Tools will be provided by SGS to accomplish this and all we ask is to put them away when finished.The shop is also available for those who have last minute goodies to do or install and all they ask is that you dyno sometime that weekend.We did a great job at the spring show with the extra work and it showed when we were done,which we recieved many thanks for our proffessionalism.

The Classes will be as follows......
The rules for this class will be as follows......
This class will be open to all trucks listed below...
1989-1993 Dodge 1st Generation Diesels
????-1997 Ford Diesels
????-2000 Chevy/GMC Diesels(NON-Duramax motors)
All trucks must be equipped with engines and fuel pumps which came on the trucks from the factory(ex-No P-Pumps On 1st Gen Dodges,No Cummins swap trucks).#2 Diesel ONLY.....NO DRUGS!!!!!!(If owners have meth kits,nitrous or propane they MUST show the bay operator that they are OFF or disconnected).SINGLE Charger OR Supercharger ONLY...NO TWINS Or Turbo/Supercharger combos permitted.ANY Internal pump mods allowed,ANY Injector Allowed,Fuel Pusher Pumps legal.Over the counter fuel additives ONLY.Hoods must be closed during run.

MODIFIED-This class is limited to a SINGLE turbo with NO PUMP CONVERSIONS(example:A 24 Valve single turbo truck with a P-Pump installed)and on #2 ONLY.The use of over the counter fuel additives is permitted but NO DRUGS(this includes meth injection and water misters).Aftermarket chargers,fueling boxes,injectors and pusher pumps are all legal.Owners who run single chargers and use drugs may compete as long as their bottle has been disconnected or removed,these owners will be asked to show they did this when they enter the dyno room.Superchargers are permitted in this class ONLY if they are run by themselves and are not being used with a turbo.

COMPETITION-This class will allow any fuel pump combination(example:p-Pump conversions),any charger(twins included) or supercharger and run on #2 alone.Over the counter fuel additves permitted but NO DRUGS(this includes meth injection and water misters).Any injector,fueling box,aftermarket turbos(twins permitted) and pusher pumps are ok.Owners who have drugs may compete but must disconnect their bottles or tanks and will be asked to show this when they enter the dyno room.

UMLIMITED-Run What Ya Brung...This is the "Don't Bring A Knife To A Gunfight Class".
Any fuel,charger configuration any amount of drugs can be used here.The only rule here is the HOOD MUST close and latch tightly.This is for safety reasons as we have seen the aftermath of a head-gasket explosion with the hood open.

This will held SATURDAY ONLY.I am working on the sponsor for this event as we speak and as soon as its nailed down I will post it.Awards will be given for Best Dodge,Ford,Chevy-GMC,Best Conversion and Best of Show.It will be a JUDGED competition and you must enter to compete.

1st Annual Torque Challenge sponsored by..."Old Chickies Hill Auto Transport"
This will be run in conjunction with the show and its award given out Sunday.The torque numbers will be taken from the participants dyno runs over the weekend.The participant can decide which of his best torque pulls he wants used,however,only one run counts towards the competition.There will be a winner and runner up award given and the winner will automatically have a spot in next falls challenge.

Here are the torque challenge participants as it stands now....
NGM Diesel

Due to problems yesterday with the dyno no one was added to the challenge.I will get with the other officers to decide how or what we will do about this and post it later..

Hope to see you all there at the show,it will be huge

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I'll be there if I don;t break in Houston. :gun: Will you take numbers from that event to apply to the Trk challange. ?????:ford:

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Good to know. I should be fully modified by then. Now it's time to get the heart installed in and break it in nicely. LOL

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Thuggy's truck is weak. :gun:

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I'll be there if I don;t break in Houston. :gun: Will you take numbers from that event to apply to the Trk challange. ?????:ford:

You needed to qualify for the TQ Challange at one of our previous events;) Those were determined by the highest HP Ford, GMC, Dodge, and "Notables" from the Fall Brawl '06 and Spring Fling '07.

You will have your chance to get in the field by your performance at Fall Brawl '07. You must be the highest HP Ford or next highest if someone already qualified is highest.:swordfight:

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if i go what do i win?:D
Prize for the longest travel:redspotdance:

This is an all out, no classes, highest torque wins:D

Here are the rules:

King Of The Hill Torque Shootout.....
This year I am doing something different for our Fall show and the Spring and Summer shows will be used to help it.It will be a torque shootout involving the winners from last years Fall Brawl show and the best trucks from our shows this year.I will take the Best Dodge,Ford,Chevy/GMC and the best 1st Generation truck(no matter what brand as outlined by the Fall Brawl rules)for this shootout from Spring Fling and the Summer Drag Race/Dyno Rip.They will all compete At this years Fall Brawl show for their chance at a special Throphy for this shootout.Owners already Qualified are as follows...

1st Generation-JD730 from the DTR
Modified-CTD8999 from the TDR
Competition-LMills from the TDR
Unlimited-Offshoreracr from the TDR

There will be a total of 12 owners who will be eligible for this shootout later this year,those listed above and the 4 each from the other shows.Torque is being used because it can be made by all owners if their tune is sound.This will be done during your normal dyno runs and yes you still have to pay for them.If the torque is flatlined we will figure it by hand and in case of a tie it will be broken by using HP.If this goes well this year I would like to include it permantly.

The best numbers from Spring Fling '07 and two wildcard entries for the Torque Shootout for this years "Fall Brawl" show are as follows....

Dodge.........NGM Diesel
1st Gen.......WannaDiesel

The 2 Wildcard entries for the Torque Shootout show are as folllows.....
KZimmerman's Fummins and ThugLike's Ford.Kia's Ford Cummins conversion was one of the nicest looking rides there and Thuggy's Ford showed this writer how bad eating crow really is.I hope both owners will return and join us for our fall show.........Andy

Qualified entrants are picked by highest HP in each class. Winner to be highest Torque produced by those qualified at the Fall Brawl '07 regardless of class.:D

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Is Jody (DPTurner) gonna be there again, live tuning is sweet.:D

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Joe, sorry didn't resopnd sooner. Jody will be there.

One more week to go.

If you have never attended a Fall Brawl are not going to want to miss this one!!! Some of the most powerfull and beautifull trucks in the country will be on hand!! Along with the usual Diesel camaraderie. It's a family event so bring them all!!!

Please check out the link below and help me keep the list updated so we as a club can help host the best Dyno event you will ever attend!!!

Remember, THIS IS NOT THE DYNO SIGN-UP SHEET!! Dyno sign-up will be the day you arrive.

Please see the first post in this thread for details of the event :)

We will see you there!!

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