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f250 superduty problems! need advice!

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hi I am a new here and have a few questions. any advice would be great.
my problems are I recently purchased a 01 F250 Super duty 7.3 that was a repo for a great price , my problems are I have no history on this truck and fords and diesels are not my best. the problems with the truck are it intermittently losses power for very short periods under no real load. to elaborate further when this issue occurs the truck seems to not build boost as well as no increase in rpm. full throttle an only able to get to say 30mph!
but it always throws a code luckily . the codes are as follows

P0236 for boost sensor A perform = restricted inlet exhaust supply hose or missing hoses

P0237 for boost sensor A circuit low voltage = circuit open/ short to ground / map sensor fault under further inspection I seen a butchered wiring harness going to the map sensor where all 3 wires had been cut or ripped off of the terminal and halfazz put back together, I then cut out the bad sections and attempted to solder the wires back to the terminal but the person who had originally damaged them left little to no wire at the terminal, for now they are fixed until I can get a new pigtail also on one of the wires they had installed a quick connect going to a ground on the fire wall which I think was a attempt to possibly ground the map sensor from talking to the pcm to control over boosting? but not positive

P0476 for exhaust pressure control fault or control valve performance= failed/ stuck epr control, ebp sensor fault , epr circuit. is this epr the waste gate actuater ????

so in closing I guess my questions are could all three of these codes be related
where is the epr located ? and what is everyone's advice

also this truck has no aftermarket gauges for egts or boost or anything like that, I have not pulled the ecm to see if a chip has been installed nor do I no if it has a tune in it but the evidence of the ground wire to the map acts as evidence that it may or may have been tampered with. I will be pulling and cleaning and inspecting the ebp sensor and tube for carbon build up tomorrow weather permitting .

any info or advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you for reading:bowfast:
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also the truck dosen't blow any smoke, even when I have attempted to try lol yes im still a kid at heart. no problems starting or idling , it did have a straight pipe exhaust but our state doesn't allow that for emission purposes so I put on a stainless magnaflow muffler and tip, also seems odd that at a dead stop if I put the pedal to the floor this truck will not even spin the tiers but seems to take off okay i guess but doesn't seem very impressive for this so called legendary 7.3 diesel engine even considering its big and heavy with a auto trans.
I wish I was of help here, but I am experiencing similar issues. Any response to this post would be helpful!!
im no mechanic but id be checking your uppipes and their connections. sounds like your turbo isnt doin its job.. how bout some pics of the butchered wires?
Clean ebp and map lines well. I had similar problems with the same map codes & a good cleaning of the line from the sensor to the intake fixed it for me. I would make sure all lines, wiring, and sensors are good before getting into anything else.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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