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I have the Nerf bar (running board) off the driver side of my 2006 lariat for sale, Its in great shape with no major damage on it at all!
I took off the step boards a few months ago jus 2 c wat it would look like..
When we took them off, 1 of my employes happened 2 put the passenger side board near the back door 2 the shop… And low n behold, the scrapers came by at jus the right time n grabbed it!!! So I'm left with just the driver side. Im really digging the look of the truck without the bars on them, so I'm looking 2 sell the driver side 1 that I have left.
The wife keeps saying she hates taking the 350 since its 2 tall now without them 4 her 2 get in…. So IF I end up putting anything back on, it'll b the power fold down boards if anything at all..
Not sure wat the single bar with the brackets is worth? But any reasonable offers will b accepted!!!
Will post pics of it when I get a chance 2 get it out of the stockroom later this week!
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