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Hi Folks!

We just got the new update from PPEI for the tunes on our 2012 6.7 Powerstroke Super Duty Raptor. As mentioned in our original post with easy updating, as soon as our phone linked to the truck was connected to WIFI, BOOM, there it was. Easy as that!

It was as easy to put on the truck as changing tunes on the fly! Here is what we found after using the brake in everyday situations:

As far as how well it works, it works as well as a factory VGT brake on a Cummins, and we're presuming it works exactly the same as the factory brake on a 2013+ Powerstroke. However we do not have one on staff to compare it to. (If you have one feel free to comment below on how you have found its effectiveness) Either way, works well, obviously the higher the RPM's the better it works. We are going to talk to Kory and see if he can make it active only in say one of the power levels within a main program so it is not being used say in the ECON tune during normal everyday driving but when changed to the TOW tune, there it is.

Check out our original write up and video on the system!

Video overview:

Write up:

Link to product: EZ LYNK Auto Agent by Kory Willis of PPEI 11-16 6.7L Ford Powerstroke

Questions on any of this? Leave a comment, or reach out to our top notch tech support team, live on the phones M-F 5AM-6PM PST. 888-99-DIESEL
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