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So my 03 got a nice upgrade in performance and sound.

3.5 inch down pipe to 4 inch magnaflow exhaust I picked up off a buddy.

Note to self if you are buying a used exhaust to save yourself some time and money DONT DO IT.

We had to do some good ole red neck engineering to get this one on. had to make a 3.5 to 4 inch adapter out of scrap pipe and also make a new ubolt out of some left over rod... dont ask.

Anyway whoever in there right mind stuck all that foil #### on the stock 3 inch down pipe can go to hell.

any way... Me the Girlfriend and three buddys ( we also had one of are dodge rams in to get a 66 mm silver bullet installed.)

Chopped off the exhaust and put on the new one.

Thinking the addition of a muffler would quiet down my 03 whistle I was praying it wouldnt. turned the key and holy **** does this thing scream now :eek: and Turbo lag is almost non existent.

Either way next up is gauges which I will be picking up and installing after Christmas.

Quality Built!
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I have to agree the early 6.0s had a beautiful whistle to them. One truck that Top Gun Customz did a couple of years ago had such a mean turbo whistle you could hear it from a quarter to half a mile way in the country.

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BTW whoever designed the stock downpipe....

Should get shot.

also who put that clip on the downpipe to prevent me from removing my exhaust?

haha :whs:

I just installed mine last weekend in the driveway in 30° weather lol. 4" DP is a bugger, and I gotta make sure to double check it next few days for any rubbing. Pretty happy with the magnaflow stuff, just wish I had that whistle you got.

Main thing I learned is next time the first tool that gets taken out is the Sawzall, drying to remove the entire thing in nice clean pieces is no fun :doh:
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