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exhaust in cab

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okay so Its been gettin cold recently and it seems that when i have the heater turned on exhaust leaks into the cab. Im not sure where to start lookin. Ive also noticed a stronger diesel smell outside the truck doesnt look like im leakin diesel anywhere, and not sure why it only happens when its cold. also no pool in the valley. any ideas??
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okay just got in from outside, the bowl did not appear to be cracked at all, im thinkin its from the valve o rings. doesnt appear like any of the lines are leakin. where does the bowl typically crack at? i mopped it all up, i figure ill drive it around and see how much more appears .
Put some torque on that fuel filter cap. I went through this about two weeks ago when it FINALLY got cool enough to run my defroster(summer it stays on Max A/C. period) got the strong diesel odor and went out and found my cap had backed out about 1/2 a turn. cleaned the valley(you must do this or you will still smell diesel) and kept on truckin.
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