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I am getting ready to trade my 6.0L in and have a BD Exhaust Brake and a stage II trusted performance fuel kit for sale.

The brake is a model #1027146AP

It is the remote mount (under the bed) 4" aftermarket exhaust setup with AutoLoc for automatic transmissions. I had it on a long bed crew cab so the air hose lengths can be trimmed to any length truck. I ran the brake for about 1 year before taking it off. I prefer to sell it with the autoloc, but this will work with a manual transmission also. The only difference is weather you install the autoloc or not. The cheapest I have found this brake with the autoloc is about $1250 and most places have it for $1400+. I have a bottom dollar amount of $850 plus shipping. The item location is Loveland, CO. If you are somewhat close I am willing to meet in the middle someplace.

The fuel kit was never installed in my truck. I was buying pieces along the way as I could find deals and never found some other things I was going to do at the same time as the fuel kit. You can read all about the fuel kit on this webpage:

Trusted Performance's Fuel Systems for the 6.0 Ford Power Stroke or Powerstroke Engines

The kit was a return to trusted that they went through and fixed anything that was wrong. They told me that the guy that bought it had some other custom things down and they had to make him a custom kit because this one was in the way of something else (not sure what). I bought it for $700 and that is what trusted gets out of the returned stage II kits on competition diesel. I would like to get $600 plus shipping for mine.


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