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Excursion Pricing

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Thinking of selling my 04 X (and my Ex lol). I see KBB estimates, then look at Craig's list and see a huge variation in pricing for similar trucks, mostly way below what KBB says they're worth. A local dealer offered me $7K on trade recently, which I politely declined because it's half what KBB says it's worth. Anyone know the real story? Thanks for any perspective you guys can offer.

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People and dealers are often scared of the 6.0, due to it's history.
This greatly drops the price many are willing to pay for the X's newer than 03.
You also don't say how many miles are on it.

KBB puts yours at ~$16k in my area (guessing on options)
NADA puts it at ~$17.5, both retail price.
Take $3k off that for a trade for a starting point

If it's in good shape and not crazy miles, 15k shouldn't be out of the question. Also depends on how much of a hurry you are to move it.
15K on the east coast is reasonable, for one in decent shape.
I've seen X's listed for really good prices on CL.

The 02 X was picked up off CL for $6,750. Going into it knew it needed $2-3K into it but it ended up being closer to $4K. One thing I didn't factor for was a for a rear end rebuild.

When looking last Winter for diesel Excursions seen a big price difference in 03 7.3/6.0's. It would be safe to say the exact same vehicle was about $3-6K more with the 7.3.

There's a real nice 05 XLT 6.0 4x4 100K miles for $13K on CL. If any dealer had a clean 100K mile 7.3 X it would be in the high teens...
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